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Vacu Vin Corkscrew Twister, Black in Gift Box

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Vacu Vin
Vacu Vin - 68814606
Corkscrew Twister, Black in Gift Box
Vacu Vin was originally established in 1986 in order to manufacture and distribute the iconic Vacuum Wine Saver. Since then the family-owned company has evolved into a leading brand within the housewares industry, offering an array of barware accessories and kitchen gadgets that are characterised by their quality and innovative functionality. In addition to the Vacuum Wine Saver, Vacu Vin's product portfolio also includes the award-winning Rapid Ice Coolers and Pineapple Slicers, all of which are now used in over 35 million households and more than 80 countries throughout the world. A specialist in-house design team are constantly striving to add new items to the company's ever-evolving assortment in order to satisfy the demands of the modern-day consumer.